Continental Drift Music Festival is a one-day, grassroots music festival held Nebraska.  Originally located at Riverwest Park in Omaha, it has since relocated to the Fremont Lakes a few miles northwest of “The Big O” in Fremont, NE.

Since 2012, area bands have been bringing rock, folk, powerpop, Americana, soul, alt-country, and singer-songwriter music to the great Nebraska outdoors. Organized by Onken-Stein Records, the festival includes a line-up of 5-11 bands playing throughout the course of the day and camping.  Certain years featured a movie on the drive-in style screen at the end of the night. 


Ten O’Clock Scholars, Third Frate, Two Drag Club, The Big Deep, Clarence Tilton, All Young Girls Are Machine Guns,┬áThe Whipkey Three, John Forrest & The Model Citizens, Brothers Tandem, Bazile Mills, Tie These Hands, Vago, Fork In The Road, The Electroliners, Frederick Julius, Edge of Arbor, Death of a Taxpayer, The Farewell Season, Township & Range, Disappearing Inc., Nate Gasaway, Robo Dojo, Will McGuire, Tiny Gentlemen, Punching Puppets, Vince Giambattista, Andrew Janousek, Echoes At Midnight, PG-13, Fred Zeppelin, fox, Lonesome Creek, A Fight Within The Mastersleep, We’re Not Really A Band, and Red September.