Continental Drift Music Festival is a one-day, grassroots music festival held Nebraska.  Originally located at Riverwest Park in Omaha, it has since relocated to the Fremont Lakes a few miles northwest of “The Big O” in Fremont, NE.

Since 2012, area bands have been bringing rock, folk, powerpop, Americana, soul, alt-country, and singer-songwriter music to the great Nebraska outdoors. Organized by Onken-Stein Records, the festival includes a line-up of 5-11 bands playing throughout the course of the day and camping.  Certain years featured a movie on the drive-in style screen at the end of the night. 


Ten O’Clock Scholars, Third Frate, Two Drag Club, The Big Deep, All Young Girls Are Machine Guns, Clarence Tilton, The Whipkey Three, Brothers Tandem, Bazile Mills, Tie These Hands, Vago, Fork In The Road, The Electroliners, Frederick Julius, Edge of Arbor, Death of a Taxpayer, Township & Range, Disappearing Inc., Nate Gasaway, Robo Dojo, Will McGuire, Tiny Gentlemen, Punching Puppets, Vince Giambattista, A Fight Within The Mastersleep, Echoes At Midnight, PG-13, Fred Zeppelin, fox, and Red September.